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Bones of Contention

Book 7 in The Police Doctor Investigates series 

A police doctor tries to extricate herself from a tricky situation in this gripping medical thriller

When human remains are discovered in the garden of a house in the seaside town of Hastings, Dr Callie Hughes can’t resist trying to dig up the truth.
However, her amateur sleuthing is put on the backburner when her car is vandalised. She seems to have a stalker, and they are becoming increasingly intent on terrorising her.
DI Steve Miller suspects it is a released criminal whom Callie helped put behind bars. But even with the detective sleeping outside her home and her friend Kate Ward protecting her, the situation escalates.
Perhaps it is time to up sticks, leave the south coast for good, and head to Belfast where her boyfriend is waiting.
Or perhaps someone with a bone to pick will stop Callie in her tracks.

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The Dr Callie Hughes series of medical thrillers
A Police Doctor Investigates

And writing as Annie Payne an exciting standalone medical thriller

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