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Exciting news!

Although currently out of print, The Hastings series to be relaunched by The Book Folks in 2020 along with the fourth in the series: Deadly Tide.

# You Too

The third in the Hastings series.

A partner in a successful law firm in the seaside town of Hastings dies when his penchant for erotic auto-asphyxiation apparently goes too far. The head of the Crown Prosecution Service in E Sussex is photographed drunk and undressed at a well-known dogging location. A corporate lawyer in a city finance company is found drugged and drowned in his employer’s swimming pool. What is the connection between these bizarre incidents and have they been deliberately set up?

Body Heat

The second in the Hastings series sees the Forensic Medical Practitioner faced with a gruesome series of murders which leave the remains of the victims twisted and charred. The
hunt heats up for the arsonist, and so does Jo’s relationship with the exasperating DI Miller. A
chilling mystery with lead characters you want to spend more time with, and a murderer you
definitely want to avoid.

Candy Denman brings all her well-honed, screenwriting skills to bear to give us one of the most chilling and ruthless crime fiction villains this side of Hannibal Lecter. From the first words of its devastating opening chapter I was completely hooked on ‘Body Heat’ and you will be too. This is crime fiction at its best.”

Howard Linskey

Best selling author of the The Search

Dead Pretty
First in the Hastings series

First in the series featuring Dr Jocasta Hughes, a willowy blonde with a wicked sense of humour and a highly unsatisfactory love life. Working with the local police as an on-call Forensic Medical Practitioner, Jo is faced with the gruesome truth that a serial killer is on the loose in the small seaside town where she works- and that she herself has become a target.

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A prestigious patient is found dead in his hospital bed after routine surgery. Is it medical negligence, natural causes or something more sinister? When cause of death is found to be a massive air embolism, the hunt is on for someone with the necessary medical knowledge to kill in this way.

Published in 1987, Deadly Treatment is Candy's first novel and is sadly out of print.