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The Ideal Couple by Anna Willett

When detectives try to close a missing persons case, a small town’s twisted secrets begin to unravel… A couple disappear in a region of the outback known for its gold mining. Some three years on, there is still no trace of them. Detective Veronika Pope is handed the cold case. It’s cold only in name. When she turns up to the godforsaken town where the couple were last seen, the heat is sweltering; suspicion simmering. The detectives stay in the same seedy hotel as the couple did. The townsfolk aren’t welcoming. Nobody wants the cops probing into their affairs. From what Pope can gather, the missing duo were the perfect couple. Loving. Happy together. The picture of marital bliss. Assuming a murder but missing a motive, the detectives do make progress. They might even find the bodies, as the trail is hot. Almost too hot to touch. Pope is in serious danger of getting burned…

My 5* review:

4th in the series about a police woman who investigates cold cases, Detective Veronika Pope is sent to find out what happened to missing tourists in W Australia three years earlier and uncovers a complex story about running booze to dry communities and homophobia. Not a pleasant bunch. For a small community in the outback most seem to be involved in drugs or crime of one sort or another. Not good for the tourist industry.

I'm a sucker for a crime story set in the outback of Australia. It's hot, it's dry and I'm reading it whilst it's cold and wet here in England, but even with that in mind, this is a great story, putting Anna Willett up there with Jane Harper and Chris Hammer. I'm going back to read the earlier books in the series.

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